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Trustwave Releases New ModSecurity Rules and Support

ModSecurity is the most popular open source web application firewall (WAF) deployed today. We receive thousands of downloads each month from our main repository alone. It is estimated that there are over 1 million sites on the internet using it to fend off attacks. The SpiderLabs team at Trustwave has spent the last 14 months listening to end-user feedback and leveraging the application security research and expertise on our team to make ModSecurity better for the community.

If you run Apache in your internal and/or external environment you can easily install ModSecurity to start down the path of protecting your web applications from attacks. Since this tool is open source, you can download it for FREE. We don't even ask who you are, you just need to visit www.modsecurity.org to obtain your copy. There is even documentation to get you started in addition to some troubleshooting tips form the community in various places including the website and mailing list archives.

You will quickly learn that the power of ModSecurity is not in the binaries themselves, but in the rules you create to stop attacks or other unwanted behavior against your applications. Nearly any web application attack the can be conceived by an attacker can be stopped with a ModSecurity rule.

As is always the case in the information security world, keeping up with the latest threats can be difficult and time consuming. We have been hearing from businesses that a good ModSecurity rules feed would greatly help them in their application security quest, so we spent the last several months building a process to provide this as a service offering.

The new rules are created to be used as virtual patches since they are developed from over 13,000 different publicly disclosed web application vulnerabilities and require no tuning - and are organized by attack type and even by popular web application packages. They meant to be used alone or in conjunction with the OWASP Core Rules.

In addition, while a rules feed is going to be one part of the equation, there will be times when a little extra help is needed to get the job done. Some businesses may not want to wait for community support to answer their questions or there may be situations where the very question may reveal a security issue in the user's environment (i.e. "How do I block this SQLi vuln on cart.mysite.com?" Doh!). To help with this we are also offering ModSecurity support through Trustwave's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) backed by Truswave SpiderLabs - the team that develops and maintains the ModSecurity project.

So to get to the point, we are very happy to announce that starting today, Trustwave is offering both ModSecurity Rules from Trustwave SpiderLabs and ModSecurity Support. The pricing for these services are $200.00 per instance and $2,000.00 per instance respectively - volume discounts available. The first 50 to sign up will receive a limited edition SpiderLabs t-shirt and be put into a drawing to have diner with the Trustwave SpiderLabs team member of our choice*.

For more information on these new offerings, including information on how to sign up please visit the ModSecurity site.

* You can decline this. We'll understand.