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Trustwave's Global Security Report 2011- Now Available

Today we released Trustwave's Global Security Report 2011 (short registration required). This marks the 4th year that we have published compromise trends and the 2nd year we have include an expanded data-set that also covers insights from both our penetration testing and security research initiatives from 2010.

When planning, developing, and writing the report, we aimed at creating something that could be digested by individuals of many different levels of experience and security knowledge. Based upon the initial feedback by those who have read the report, we feel we have accomplished this goal.

Too often, as an industry, we produce reports that work well within the security community, but quickly fall on deaf ears with the audiences that need be learning from our experiences and applying our advice to their world. We have found it is actually more difficult to develop a report that attempts to fit multiple audiences, but it is a great journey to explore how to simplify complex topics while not boring other audiences.

As we release the Global Security Report each year, it will continue to evolve over time and we will be finding new ways to educate our readers. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to send us an email at gsr2011@trustwave.com.

If you happen to visit the Trustwave booth at RSA, you'll be able to pick up a hard copy of the report and also a "volvelle" that we designed to provide an interactive way to explore some of the key findings and recommendations in the report.