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#TWContest: 1 out of every ~800 devices on the Internet is vulnerable to…

On Tuesday we posted our first question of the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report Twitter Contest.

The question was…

"One out of approximately 800 devices on the Internet is vulnerable to what type of attack method?"

The answer is...

"BNAT - Broken Network Address Translation" and was part of the "Walking Through Firewalls" section (pages 51-54) in the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report. If you are interested in learning more about BNAT, check out that section in the GSR and the recently updated Spiderlabs GitHub page.

The winner is...

Tom Sellers (@TomSellers)

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Be on the look out for the next question, which is slated for release later today.

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