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#TWContest: One in how many organizations use insecure remote access...

On Friday we posted our seventh question of the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report Twitter Contest.

The question was…

"One in how many organizations use insecure remote access solutions as seen through vulnerability scans performed by Trustwave?"

The answer is...

"One in Five" or "22%" and discussed in the "The Network - Legacy Issues Still At Large" section (pages 22-26) in the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report.

It is common for 3rd parties and internal IT employees alike to require remote access into systems they are charged at supporting. Best practices would dictate these organizations deploy a secure method of remote access, but Trustwave SpiderLabs found that 22% of organizations use a method that would not be considered secure. Specifically they use methods with clear text passwords and also known vulnerable software.

The winner is...

Keith Lee (@keith55)

Thanks to everyone who has participated! All correct answers during the contest are eligible for the grand prize - a trip to Las Vegas to attend Black Hat USA and DEF CON 20. We will be doing a final summary post and announcing the grand prize winner soon!

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