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Update from Trustwave SpiderLabs EMEA

Europe, Middle East and Africa consists of around 120 countries depending on the definition of each territory. We don't have customers in all of those countries, but the number of countries that we do is growing rapidly year on year.

One of the areas that we within the SpiderLabs leadership team focus on as a year round activity is our ability to attract, retain and enable top talent. On our growth trajectory finding enough of the right people can be a challenge. As you could probably guess, we expect a lot from the experts on the team, because our customers depend on us to help them secure their businesses.

...So what's important to us from a hiring perspective?

  • Being Technically Excellent – after all SpiderLabs is the advanced security team within Trustwave;
  • Getting Involved – having a passion for sharing your insights and expertise with, clients, colleagues and the industry at large;
  • Being Quality Focussed – last year we delivered 2000+ manual penetration tests and 300+ incident investigations, reputation is hard to build yet easily damaged;
  • Being Organised – its very important to be able to work well within a team, and to the game-plan, whether servicing clients in a consulting capacity or delivering on R&D projects.

... And what's it like being on the team?

There's the consistently high level of banter as a starting point, as well as a healthy competitiveness that you would expect from having close to 100 world-class penetration testers, incident responders and researchers all working together under the same banner... You can likely get a good flavour of some of the skill-sets, proficiencies, interests and personalities by taking the time to read through recent blog posts).

Most recently we've expanded our footprint to include senior team members to cover both Africa (from Johannessburg) and the Nordic region (from Stockholm). Both regions are where we already have a sizeable Trustwave footprint of business.

Today the SpiderLabs EMEA operation consists of people in a number of countries - headcount is up 100% from January 2011 - and we now have SpiderLabs experts in:

  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • South Africa
  • Poland

(For comparison a couple of years ago for us EMEA was synonymous with just the UK)

No surprises then that we're still hiring today, with anoter UK opening about to be posted… to browse the list of Trustwave job openings, including SpiderLabs roles see: employment-opportunities