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Welcome to the Spider’s Lair

"Will you step into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly;
"'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy.
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
And I have many pretty things to show when you are there."

-by Mary Howitt (1799-1888)

Spider web

Imagine given an opportunity to take an average normaleveryday lab, and transform it into what Hollywood has led the general pubic tobelieve is the norm. Movies likeHackers, The Matrix, and even Johnny Mnemonic was the basis for SpiderLabs'Razor/Blade lab transformation.


The Razor/Blade lab was only a year old when this project was started in December 2012 as SpiderLabs' just moved into the new office space the end of December 2011. It took 6 months to complete this project as various items, or "ingredients", needed to be purchased, shipped, and put together.

LCD Monitors
Decorative Sheet Metal
Tubular Crin
Needle & Thread
Wall mount Articulating Arm Brackets for LCD Monitors

Neon Dry Erase Markers
Black Light Reflective Ink
Black Light Gaffer Tape
Black Lights
Color Changing LEDs from IKEA

Before project start…

1 wall with shelves original

Workbench with shelves.

1 Mural wall

Wall between bench and closet.

1 back wall original

Back wall and rack.

1 dry erase wall

Dry erase wall.

2 mural wall repaint

The side wall next to the work bench had everything removedfrom the wall, holes patched, and repainted a darker blue to create a blankcanvas.

2 LCD wall

The short wall next to the rack was also painted a darkergray than the original for additional contrast.

2 wall with shelves

The workbench area had color changing LED lights fromIKEA added under the shelves to add light once the room was darkened. Decorative baskets were added to clean up thebottom shelf.

3 mural wall regular light

OpticzUV Blacklight Reactive Blue Invisible Ink was used onthe dark wall. This was hand painted on withthe help of a LCD projector to trace the design. A foam brush was used as theink has the consistency of water. And a little went a long way. We'll be ableto have raves in the lab for years to come.

3 LCD mounted on wall

Three LCD monitors were mounted on the shorter wall by therack with wallmount articulating arm brackets.

2 back wall web normal lights

Blacklight reflective gaffer's tape was used to create a spider's web on theback wall behind the rack.

As Johnny Mnemonic and Tetsuo were called out explicitly fordesign inspiration, tubularcrin, which is generally used to createcyberlock hair pieces, was used.

LCD wall normal light with crin

Once more the gaffer's tape was used to make the monitors"pop" off the wall.4 LCD wall with normal lights

Then, the ordinary lights were removed, andreplaced with black lights.

4 mural wall black light

What was subtle with normal light, is amazing with blacklight.

5.2 LCD wall BL

LCD wall with black light.

LS rack web BL

Rack and back wall with black light. At some point in the future, a second rack will be added to the back wall area and the network equipment moved off the top shelf over the workbench.

Matrix lcds

An old unused desktop was setup to play The Matrix, Hackers,and Johnny Mnemonic on a loop on the top monitor.

Crin added to side

Additional tubular crin was added to the monitors and takenup to the rack.

Keyboard bottom

Moreover, a keyboard tray was made from particle board,painted black, and gaffer's tape added to the trim. Then it was mounted onto the wall with anarticulating arm bracket.

Keyboard top

The arm is tilted downwards to simulate the keyboard beingup on legs. Velcro was used to mount itdirectly to the tray so it won't fall off.

Wire rack with lights

Wire rack over bench

Additional gaffer tape was run along the overhead wiringrack.

Rack and lights

Two clamp-on lights were attached to the wiring rack toprovide actual light as needed in the lab.

Lcd front

Lcd left

LCD wall finished with black light.

Dry erase spiders

Dry erase spides with led

And what fun would a dry erase wall be without neon dry erasemarkers to draw on it?


Web rack lcds

Rack lcd wall

[Disclaimer: This is probably the cleanest work lab ever seen due to pictures being taken for this blogpost. Please don't expect to ever visit it and have it look this organized again.]