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What's up @ ModSecurity?

Since Black Hat and DEFCON we have been busying building teams and aligning objectives over here at Trustwave's SpiderLabs. We are committed to driving innovation into the development of ModSecurity for the future.

Here are are few things that we having going on right now:

  • Website Updates - We are in the process of refreshing the website to reflect its new home within SpiderLabs but also clean out any dusty content and replace it with fresh new material. Look for phases of changes over the next several weeks.
  • Recruiting - We are actively looking to hire full-time developers for ModSecurity. Those developers will be part of the SpiderLabs research team. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let us know.
  • Internal Development Team - We have formed a team of people within SpiderLabs that will be actively contributing to ModSecurity. This team is comprised of many very experienced individuals including many OWASP, Black Hat and DEFCON researchers/speakers in the area of web application security. This team is excited to breath new life into this project.
  • End User Survey - In the next few weeks, we will be sending out a survey to the ModSecurity mailing lists to ask for feedback on features to include in the next release.
  • Blog Updates - Each week we'll be writing about an Advance Feature in ModSecurity that the community and end users may not be aware of. The idea is here is that with increased usage of these advanced, we'll get better feedback on how to improve the product.
  • Twitter - We have just linked this blog to the ModSecurity Twitter account. Follow us!