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Wherever you come from, you can meet BeEF

This year I've been very busy in terms of conferences, and developing/coordinating new features for BeEF.

The move to GitHub has been successful: we are receiving many pull requests from our users, and we encourage everyone to do it. If you have something cool you are doing with BeEF, or just ideas, send us your code or let us know!

Conferences are always a great moment to socialize, drink and speak about hacking, without mentioning traveling the world basically for free.

If you want to fall in love with BeEF, and you like application security, you should attend at least one of the following events in the near future.

Are you from Australia/APAC? Then join us at RuxCon, Saturday 20th October 2012:

http://www.ruxcon.org.au/speakers/#Ty Miller & Michele Orru

Are you based in USA? Then join us at OWASP AppSec USA, 25th October 2012:


Finally, if you're from Russia or just EMEA, don't miss the first BeEF Workshop at ZeroNights, 19/20th November 2012:


I will release some new cool research that brings internal network exploitation via Javascript to the next level, combining InterProtocol Exploitation.

The research has been done together with Ty Miller (PureHacking). He will be speaking with me at RuxCon, where the research will be released.

Hope to see many of you during my talk, and later at the bar for drinks! :D