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10 Essential Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

The list of challenges a modern-day enterprise faces are colossal, but technology has always been there to help along the way. The influx of devices, applications, and services that have flooded major businesses have resulted in a boom of readily available data that’s leveraged to make critical business decisions that streamline processes and create new revenue streams.

The problem? This results in an expanded attack surface for digital marauders whose sole purpose is to compromise networks, siphon sensitive data and profit from it.

In a day and age where a data breach can result in the death of a business overnight, cybersecurity is top of mind. Protecting an organization’s business-critical applications and data stores is as important as any other operational function.

Knowledge is power when it comes to cybersecurity, which is why members of the global Telco Security Alliance have provided 10 key insights every business should know about the state of cybersecurity in a downloadable infographic found below.