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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of Aug. 13

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1) Black Hat and DEFCON rolled into Las Vegas last week, and security researchers unveiled hacking research on everything from smart cities to fax machines to airplanes.

2) Following last year's mass shooting in Las Vegas, this year's conferences experienced heightened security - but it resulted in one attendee being banned from the hotel hosting DEFCON under questionable circumstances and others reporting privacy violations by hotel security staff.

3) Oracle rushed a fix for an easy-to-exploit flaw in its popular database.

4) Despite a coordinated dismantling of the Andromeda botnet, malware still has its grips on large numbers of PCs.

5) Plans by popular video game "Fortnite" to publish the game on its own website for Android users - rather than including it in the Google Play Store - may put players at risk.