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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of Aug. 3

Like it or not, Monday is upon us. Here are five items making news that can help you kick off your work week in style - or at least a little more informed.

  • It's Black Hat and DefCon week in Las Vegas, and that means a surge of riveting security research is coming. Many of the big talks have already gotten press coverage, including a firmware worm that could attack Mac computers and another Internet of Things vulnerability bomshell: A "smart rifle" that could be compromised to hit an unintended target. Yikes.
  • Malicious advertisements - the primary way the just-uncovered RIG 3.0 exploit kit spreads infections - are widely found on news and entertainment websites, according to new research.

  • Windows 10 is out and thus far has received positive feedback from security pundits - with one notable exception: Unless you opt out, the operating system shares your Wi-Fi information with contacts.

  • Some ninety-five percent of all Android devices are impacted by a vulnerability known as "Stagefright" that can be exploited via text message, and device manufacturers are racing to release fixes.