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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of July 18

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1) Patch alerts: Last week Microsoft issued fixes for 47 vulnerabilities, Adobe shipped patches for another 52 flaws, Cisco got in on the game to address two router bugs and, finally, a popular WordPress plug-in (All in One SEO Pack) filled a single hole.

2) One of the patches from Microsoft repaired a two-decade-old printer vulnerability that could be leveraged to hit Windows users with malware. Meanwhile, exploit code for a freshly patched Internet Explorer bug was added to the Neutrino exploit kit.

3) Cybercrime now leads all forms of crime in the U.K in terms of prevalence.

4) What do IT security departments need to know about "Pokemon Go"?

5) If the hacks that play out in the cyber thriller "Mr. Robot" seem realistic to you, it's because the show goes to great lengths to make them that way.