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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of July 20

Like it or not, Monday is upon us. Here are five items making news that can help you kick off your work week in style - or at least a little more informed.

  • Heads up: Microsoft on Monday is expected to release an out-of-cycle patch for a zero-day Windows vulnerability.   
  • One of the world's most anticipated security conferences, Black Hat USA in Las Vegas, will feature researcher talks that drop more than 30 zero-day vulnerabilities.  
  • Thanks to automation and ease of access to the underground market, individuals with little computer hacking experience can garner huge profits
  • International authorities dismantled a massive cybercrime forum known as "Darkode," with 12 defendants - most of whom live in the United States - charged in connection.  
  • A British man was charged with infiltrating U.S. government computer systems to steal sensitive data.


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