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5 Security Things to Know for the Week of June 6

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As we were off last week, we're going 10 strong in this week's edition. Here is what you need to know right now:

1) Is "shaming" Android manufacturers and phone carriers a viable way to improving patching against vulnerabilities?

2) Introducing "bug poaching," a new take on ransomware.

3) Distributed denial-of-service attacks are increasing in potency as botnets become cheaper to rent.

4) Attackers have found a "faster" way to get harvested point-of-sale card data out the door.

5) Don't plan on using popular passwords in Microsoft's cloud-based directory.

6) Trustwave SpiderLabs researchers discovered a potential Windows zero-day vulnerability up for sale in the cybercriminal underground.

7) Hackers have found a way for their exploit kit attacks to evade built-in Windows defenses.

8) The world's major computer manufactures ship products that come pre-installed with vulnerable tools, for which exploit is trivial.

9) Is there a better way to track and catalog vulnerabilities?

10) The FBI is asking users to be wary of external flash drives that could contain malware