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Black Hat 2014: We Break Ground on our Online Trustwave Global Security Report

To kick off this week's Black Hat 2014 conference in Las Vegas, we are unveiling our reinvented Trustwave Global Security Report. It's a living report, online and accessible.

Since 2009, the yearly report has come filled with valuable information about the top cybercrime, breach and threat trends from the previous year. The data contained in the report is collected from forensic investigations that we conduct for businesses around the world, in addition to proprietary threat intelligence gleaned from our five global Security Operations Centers, telemetry from security technologies and ongoing threat research.

While the traditional PDF report that you're used to seeing has helped businesses bolster their defenses and make smarter security decisions year after year, we fully understand that the threat landscape does not take 365 days to evolve. It's ever changing - and more complex than ever before. Criminals are constantly introducing evasive and punishing tactics to commit their intrusions and thefts, and new technologies are stretching the attack surface to its widest point in history. If businesses want to stay ahead of the adversaries, they require the most up-to-date intelligence and strategic recommendations.

That's why we've decided to bring the Global Security Report online and house it on a dynamic platform that is easy to navigate and responsive to whichever device you are using.

In its new living format, we are updating the report regularly with unique insight and premium content you won't find anywhere else, namely our latest threat research findings and statistics so that businesses have the most current data when building, staffing, budgeting for and managing their information security programs.

If you visit the online report, you'll see that we already have added new findings that analyze the most commonly used passwords our experts uncovered in 2013. The site also reveals the most significant data breach trends over the past five years, a new type of malware that has infected point-of-sale systems and common vulnerabilities our ethical hackers discovered when performing penetration tests for businesses.

We take great pride in tracking the bad guys and then dispensing our findings to you - in an interactive format you can use to make more intelligent decisions. So be sure to check out our new Trustwave Global Security Report. And then keep on coming back.

Abby Ross is media relations manager at Trustwave.