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Black Hat USA 2016: How to Improve IoT Security (VIDEO)

The annual Black Hat hacker conference might as well be where the Internet of Things (IoT) goes to die. Over the show's two days of briefings - and the subsequent weekend at DEFCON - there are research talks galore laying beat downs on the security of IoT and "smart" devices.

Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher who delivered the keynote at Black Hat, may have said it best: "IoT is the first technology people are assuming to be insecure right out of the gate."

SpiderLabs Threat Intelligence Manager at Trustwave Karl Sigler knows a thing or two about internet-connected devices and the risk they pose. He joined us at Day Two of Black Hat to talk about why the threat is so prevalent - and what users and developers can do to ensure that IoT doesn't turn into the full-blown security disaster that many fear.