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Cybercriminal Underground: the Bad, the Worse and the Ugly

If you're not someone who frequents the deep recesses of the web, the cybercriminal underground is likely a mystifying place. You may know what happens there - stolen information, malware and data theft tools are bought and sold - but the specifics, scale and sheer profitability of the racket could be lost on you.

To help beam some light on this furtive corner of the internet, Trustwave VP of Security Research presented "Cybercriminal Underground: the Bad, the Worse and the Ugly" during the recent Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, Md. Ziv discussed the evolution and ROI of cybercrime, while also concentrating on some of its primary drivers, including obfuscations services, exploit kits, malvertisements and zero-day vulnerabilities.


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