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Don’t Be a Phish Out of Water

From malicious emails that cast as wide a net as possible to lure an unselect number of individuals to more targeted messages that seek out specific victims and organizations, phishing is a crime as old as internet time.

But reaching that point requires overcoming two big obstacles: human psychology and the shrewdness of cybercriminals (who are so good that even security enthusiasts sometimes fail to spot when they’re being conned).

Awareness is one way to reclaim surrendered ground, and this succinct, advice-filled and shareable infographic will help push the conversation forward within your business. Use it to supplement your security education training across your organization.

Nuggets include:

  • What the phishers want to steal.
  • Examples of dodgy email subject lines and messages.
  • Common decoys used to trick users.
  • Clues to identify fraudulent emails.
  • How to amplify your email security with help from the experts.

Download the Infographic (PDF)

Download the Infographic (PDF)