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How to Build a Better and More Secure Supply Chain: A Trustwave Ebook

The best way to understand the complexities of how to properly secure a modern supply chain is to ask the experts. So, to help organizations build a better supply chain, Trustwave has published the free ebook 8 Experts on Achieving Better Supply Chain Security which contains the insights of eight authorities in the field and covers the steps an organization must take to protect itself.

These steps include basics such as knowing all your suppliers to conduct a proper cybersecurity assessment of your organization's supply chain.

Why the Supply Chain is Now Top of Mind

One has to look no further than the Log4JSolarWinds, and Kaseya cyberattacks to fully visualize how an attack on one vendor in your supply chain can impact your entire company and its customers.

An organization must maintain, control, and vet  partner vendors to the best of its ability to ensure that they are maintaining a minimum viable posture that matches the organization's risk appetite. 

The other aspect organizations must consider is ensuring the continuity of their supply chain and what is security's role in enabling the resilience of that operation. The best way to do so is using the NIST cybersecurity framework. NIST breaks down the supply chain into several areas: identity, protect, detect, respond, and recover. NIST also delivers what I will call an accelerated review of how, as an organization, one knows its overall attack surface, including the supply chain.

For a full breakdown of the elements of supply chain cyber risk, please download 8 Experts on Achieving Better Supply Chain Security.