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Infographic: New Data Reveals Extent of the Malware Problem

Ever have one of those days as a security professional where you feel as if you're getting hit from every direction? The truth is, you probably are - and you're not alone.

New findings from an Osterman Research survey show that organizations are showing little, if any, improvement in deterring malware from entering their organization. And it's attacking them from all sides - via the web, over email, and through increasingly embraced social media and Web 2.0 applications.

The survey, which polled security-focused decision makers and influencers and was sponsored by Trustwave, found:

  • 74 percent of organizations have been infiltrated by malware through web surfing over the past year.
  • Another 64 percent have experienced malware infection through email.
  • And 14 percent have had malware enter their corporate network through social media or other Web 2.0 applications.

Meanwhile, most are finding that their ability to deal with these risks, especially web threats, is staying the same or getting worse. Traditional solutions don't seem to be helping.

We've combined this new data with some other content security-related studies that Trustwave has either conducted or commissioned to produce this stylish and handy new infographic. We created it so security practitioners like you can easily digest the extent and ramifications of the malware and data loss problem, and also learn how your peers are trying to solve it (including considering new delivery models for protection). If you've enjoyed reading this infographic, we encourage you to share it on your website or across social media.

You'll also want to check back tomorrow, when we post a Q&A we conducted with Michael Osterman, noted IT and security analyst and the president of Osterman Research. In the interview, Michael will help make sense of the most recent survey findings. He also will suggest how organizations can best handle web, email and social media threats.

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