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Integrated DLP and Encryption: Trustwave DataControl

Businesses worldwide are challenged when it comes to pinpointing the location of critical and sensitive data. Losing control of sensitive data can lead to fines, brand and reputation damage, and even loss of competitive advantage. To identify, monitor, audit and protect critical data, data-focused technology is required. Individual files require protection independent of hardware and software infrastructure.

Discover Once, Protect Forever

With Trustwave's DataControl solution, organizations can "Discover Once, Protect Forever" the data that is critical to daily business operations. Integrating Trustwave DLP Discover and Encryption (specifically Smart Tag™ technology), DataControl enables organizations to understand the content distributed within the enterprise while securing the data with the appropriate encryption policies.

Trustwave DataControl can:

  • Scan file shares, desktops, laptops and other locations for sensitive information, including credit card numbers, patient records, intellectual property and other data
  • Automatically encrypt data and assign access control and security policies
  • Encrypt and protect data wherever it goes with Smart Tag technology
  • Ensure no disruptions in user workflow

For more information about our DataControl solution, please click here, or contact us at 888-878-7817 or info@trustwave.com.

Trustwave Launches 360 Application Security

Recently announced at AppSec USA 2010, Trustwave's 360 Application Security program is the only vertically integrated application security program, combining the critically acclaimed WebDefend Web application firewall (WAF) from Trustwave's acquisition of Breach Security, with the industry-leading security services of Trustwave's SpiderLabs.

A strong application security posture requires good offense and defense; Trustwave's 360 Application Security is a holistic security program, combining:

  • Secure Development Training: Ensures developers are creating programs based upon industry best practices
  • Application Penetration Testing: Simulates a coordinated attack, exposing security weaknesses by highlighting vulnerabilities that can lead to compromise of critical data
  • Code Review: Manual code review to inspect all relevant application source code and pinpoint deficiencies in security controls and identify development errors
  • Trustwave WebDefend WAF with Virtual Patching: Advanced WAF that offers customized, behavior-based security for each protected application

The entire solution is delivered by the security experts at SpiderLabs, bridging the gap between expert manual testing and automated protection found within many organizations.

For more information about our 360 Application Security approach, please contact us at 888-878-7817 or info@trustwave.com.

ATM Technical Security Review

Experts from Trustwave's SpiderLabs identified malware specifically developed to target Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in their 2009 investigations. So-called credentialed malware, when embedded in the ATM software, has the ability to control access to the various functions using a physical token, such as an ATM or debit card, to authenticate. This malware then allows criminals to print ATM card numbers and personal identification numbers (PINs) recorded by the malware directly from the ATM.

To help prevent these attacks, SpiderLabs developed a comprehensive security review to test the ATM architecture, identify vulnerabilities and issue remediation recommendations. This new service includes:

  • Bank ATM Architecture Review
  • Internal Penetration Test
  • Machine-level Tests
  • Tactical and Strategic Recommendations

To find out more about this service, download the data sheet or contact us at 888-878-7817 or info@trustwave.com.

New Portal Revolutionizes SSL Certificate Purchase and Management

Trustwave, a leading Certification Authority (CA) and top 10 global issuer of SSL certificates and online identities, has released its SSL Control Center version 2.0. The SSL Control Center 2.0 provides powerful industry-leading tools and functionality making certificate management more cost-effective for retailers and enterprises.

Trustwave's new SSL Control Center offers enterprise-class features and rich management tools. With more than 40 new features, the Trustwave SSL Control Center 2.0 offers the most comprehensive SSL platform and enterprise certificate management portal in the industry.

  • Complete Solution: Matches feature for feature any competing offering in the marketplace.
  • Highly Scalable: Management support in the portal scales to tens of thousands of certificates.
  • No Hidden Fees: No add-on charges - an unlimited number of portal users can be added to an account at no additional charge.

Already purchased one or more Trustwave SSL Certificates? Great! All existing SSL customers have access to the new portal- just log in using the same URL and the same credentials. If you'd like a demo of the new portal, please contact us at info@trustwave.com.

W.net: Developing Diverse Leadership in the Electronic Transactions Community

Development of deep and diverse leadership is an important goal for businesses across our country and around the world. W.net fills an important role within the electronic transactions industry, by inspiring and empowering women to maximize their individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success.

"W.net events help to build very positive professional relationships that would be hard to come by otherwise," said Kelly Shelton, a board member for W-net's Chicago LINC and director of marketing at Trustwave. "W.net provides a forum for women to develop as leaders in the industry." Founded in 2005, W-net is the vision of Diane (Vogt) Faro, Mary Gerdts, Linda Perry and Holli Targan and includes CEOs, presidents, senior managers, emerging leaders and women from all levels in the electronic transactions industry.

W.net holds LINC (Local Interest Networking Circle) networking and educational meetings in seven cities in North America, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, insight and career development tips. In mid-October, W.net will hold its flagship national event, the annual Designer BootCamp Career Development & Leadership Summit in La Jolla, Calif. Trustwave is proud to be a mission sponsor of this year's event.

For more information, visit www.W-net.biz. For Local LINC events, please visit http://www.w-net.biz/News.