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Introducing 7 Experts on Database Security, Advanced Threat Detection and Security Maturity

Providers like Trustwave can share valuable security wisdom and best practices by leaning on our years of experience closely consulting businesses across the world and equipping them with services and technologies to meet their individual needs.

Still, nothing can beat the insight from those directly in the trenches, fighting the good fight, day after day. And that is a perspective we seek to bring you with a new series of Trustwave-sponsored e-books, known as Mighty Guides.

In them, seven veteran CISOs were interviewed on three disciplines that have become critical to master for any IT security team trying to outsmart its adversaries in 2019: database security, advanced threat detection and response, and security maturity.

Specifically, we asked:

  • What advice, strategies and best practices would you give to a business to effectively secure their databases?
  • What advice can you give that would help a business detect and respond to threats faster and more effectively?
  • What advice would you give on how to improve the maturity of a business’s security practice?

The CISO’s responses turned into a package of digestible and compelling reads, each essay filled with relatable candor and color, as well as actionable advice and blueprints that you can work to apply within your organization – helping you overcome individual pain points and satisfy business requirements.

Download the trio of e-books here:

7 Experts on Database Security

7 Experts on Advanced Threat Detection

7 Experts on Security Maturity