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Introducing Security Testing Practices and Priorities: An Osterman Research Survey Report

About a year ago, we released an infographic highlighting reasons you should test, not guess, when it comes to your security. The resource visualized the 10 biggest reasons for security testing your entire infrastructure - across your databases, networks and applications. The process of security testing, which traditionally involves vulnerability assessments and scans and penetration tests, can help you identify even the most hidden flaws and allow you to make smarter decisions around your data protection.

We created this infographic because we believed that for many organizations, security remains a guessing game. Now we have additional proof in the form a new survey report from Osterman Research, titled "Security Testing Practices and Priorities." The report queried 126 IT professionals on their current security testing habits, limitations and plans for the future. It also prescribed recommendations for impediments.

  • Why is security testing so important?
  • How common is security testing, as well as reviews of those tests?
  • Do organizations consider security testing important and how many do no security testing at all?
  • What are the primary factors limiting an organization's ability to perform security testing?
  • What are some of the key ways to overcome these limitations?