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Introducing the Security Survival Guide for Growing Businesses

A growing business today would have to be operating out of a cave on Mars not to realize the importance of information security. Attackers don't discriminate by company size, so it would be foolish to brush aside the importance of protection. Any business that is experiencing growth understands the need for security. One single attack could significantly trip up its market surge.

Still, many growing businesses don't think a data breach can happen to them because they fail to grasp the gravity of threats and the scope of the problem. The plurality of potential attacks has grown to the point where it's difficult for businesses that may care about security - but which have implemented only limited measures to counteract threats - to understand and react to today's digital hazards in any type of strategic or scaled way.

That's why Trustwave is pleased to unveil The Security Survival Guide for Growing Businesses, written for anyone who is responsible for or who cares about security. The definitive e-book clearly defines the challenges, threats and potential consequences to enable your growing business to achieve and maintain meaningful security. Think of this guide as an all-in-one handbook and use it to uncover awareness, piece together a successful strategy, and discover optimization amid a turbulent landscape.

Download this guide to discover:

  • Why growing businesses are a preferred target
  • What your biggest security challenges and where you key exposure points are
  • How attackers are most likely to target you
  • Where you should begin your security strategy
  • How to scale your security so you can respond to all of the threats and meet all of the necessary best practices