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Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Cybersecurity Threats

There is a saying in information security that the older you get, the more that problems stay the same. In the context of threats, the adage is not far from the truth. Certain menaces have been wreaking havoc on organizations for years.

The caveat is that there is a lot of new stuff too, not to mention businesses haven't quite figured out how to handle the old stuff, like phishing and malware, either.

Two factors are at play:

1) Criminals are constantly trying to outsmart and outmaneuver you: either by taking advantage of new or unconventional attack vectors, or inventing novel techniques to ensure traditional methods remain relevant and lucrative.

2) Businesses continue to experience a crisis of security talent, stretching internal IT groups to the limit and hampering your ability to keep pace with digital risks.

When it feels like cybercriminals are hitting you from every direction, you require a clearer perspective of what your company is up against and how you can you best address the siege. Our newly minted Ultimate Reference Guide to Cybersecurity Threats will help bring order to the chaos.

Coinciding with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the 27-page e-book is the perfect educational resource for you and your team. It is built to be easily scannable, yet reliable in its depth. It curates the top 12 threats companies face, rates their severity level, and - most important of all - helps you prioritize a counterattack strategy by presenting best practices your team can implement and steps that outside specialists can help you take so you can go above and beyond your internal constraints.