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Let’s Look Back at Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

Perhaps it’s fitting that 2022 Cybersecurity Awareness Month ended on Halloween as there are a few similarities that can be drawn between these two events.

Cyberattacks are scary. Ransomware is kind of like to older kids threatening to egg your house unless you give them all your candy. And is there really a difference between a child dressed up as Buzz Lightyear or Captain Marvel and a well-crafted socially engineered phishing email? After all, neither are as they appear…..

Before we drag out this analogy entirely too far, today is also a good time to pull together all the suggestions Trustwave security staffers made and posted during the week in support of Cybersecurity Awareness month. For some extra information on each topic, we’ve linked each entry to corresponding blog post.

1. The Necessity of Conducting a Physical Security Assessment

2. Creating Buy-In for a Cybersecurity Awareness Program

3. MailMarshal Upgrade Boosts ‘Hard to Detect’ Phishing by 40%

4. World Password Day 2022: Best Practices for Keeping Your Organization Safe

5. Log4j: How a Single Vulnerability Can Affect Multiple Systems

6. Trustwave SpiderLabs: The Power Behind MailMarshal

7. When it Comes to Email Security Good Enough is Not Enough

8. Achieving Cyber Resilience With a Proper Training Program

9. Say Hello to SpiderLabs: The Team Behind Trustwave’s Security Product Offerings

10. Data Assessment in Healthcare: Knowing What Data You Have Is Half the Battle

11. How Rugby Can Teach Cybersecurity Leaders to Build and Manage their Teams