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Meet Our New SpiderLabs Data Breach Firefighter

Forrester Research, in an ominously titled report "Planning for Failure," expects at least 60 percent of enterprises to discover a breach of sensitive data this year. At first blush, that may seem like a massive number, but after we've recently bore witness to an almost unending string of data breaches - from large, well-established enterprises right down to single-person shops - it really isn't all that surprising.

Forecasts like this one underscore the need for organizations to be running a mature incident response program, one that covers all of the steps, from preparation and detection to triage and containment to communication and clean-up typically with the help of outside experts.

Trustwave Incident Response and Readiness services - delivered by SpiderLabs® experts - are well known in the industry because we conduct hundreds of data breach investigations each year and report trends from them in our widely read Trustwave Global Security Report. To continue to lead in this arena and augment our capabilities, we've brought on a new senior team leader carrying many years of cyber forensic experience to bolster the services we offer to clients.

Let's introduce you to Brian Hussey, our new director of global incident readiness and response. A little bit about Brian:

Brian is responsible for leading the Global Incident Response and Readiness team, managing stakeholder relationships, representing Trustwave at conferences and industry meetings and working to better leverage Trustwave technologies to enhance our incident response delivery. He has more than 12 years in computer forensics and cybercrime investigation, six of which involved leading an FBI advanced analysis unit tasked with computer forensics for major crimes, network intrusions, malware analysis, counter-terror and counter-intelligence cyber investigations. He was the primary designer of the FBI's advanced technical analysis training for network intrusion and malware analysis. He has delivered this training for special agents in FBI field offices across the United States, as well as internationally for cyber units within police forces in Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Japan, Germany, Moldova and others. He is also visiting professor of computer forensics at George Mason University in the Master of Computer Forensics program.


Here at Trustwave, our mission is to fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk so companies can avoid a devastating breach. But the harsh reality is that incidents and compromises can happen.

"Having Brian on our team greatly enhances SpiderLabs' ability to help businesses prepare and respond to data breaches, and he's already kicked off some amazing initiatives that increase our ability to better serve our customers," said John Yeo, global vice president of the SpiderLabs team at Trustwave.

Learn more about Trustwave Incident Response and Readiness services here.

Cas Purdy is vice president of corporate marketing and communications at Trustwave.