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Now is the time to Partner With Trustwave MDR

Trustwave Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is one of the most important cybersecurity offerings available in the market today, it’s also the reason why Trustwave is rolling out two new levels of service that will enable Trustwave and our business partners fortify the security posture of any business, regardless of size.

Trustwave MDR and MDR Elite together will solve the problem many organizations face of being “priced out” of being able to defend themselves against emerging cyber threats. Trustwave MDR is a solution geared toward small and medium organizations giving affordable access to our high-end security offerings and teams of experienced, qualified security professionals, whether they currently have a SIEM or not. It includes core functions like threat hunting and threat detection and response.

MDR Elite is a step-up offering that delivers highly effective detection and response outcomes for more mature enterprise clients looking for advanced features and expertise. This solution adds the provision of remote incident response and EDR telemetry. MDR Elite also includes a named dedicated SpiderLabs expert who will stay with the client throughout the lifetime of the contract, providing even better fine-tuning and response times as they develop a deep understanding of their unique IT systems. This new tiered system provides channel partners with more options for meeting the needs and budgets of their customers.

MDR and the Channel

A managed security offering has also become increasingly valuable for the channel. Partners are often tasked with connecting the dots for their customers and helping to ensure that all the technology within their environment is working together effectively to detect and respond to threats. This can be a difficult struggle, particularly as the growth of hybrid and multi-cloud environments means IT and cybersecurity environments are becoming increasingly more complex.

Trustwave’s MDR solution enables our partners to leverage all our capabilities, services and Fusion security operations platform, which have been developed and improved through years of service with thousands of clients.

Trustwave’s channel partners also benefit from a 25-year legacy in cybersecurity. Our world-class detection and response capabilities, threat intelligence, and access to our elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team means Trustwave delivers a new level of holistic cyber defense, creating an extremely valuable proposition for our channel partners.

Trustwave’s MDR solution helps our channel partners provide their customers with security expertise and services needed to secure their enterprise.

Our MDR offerings include access to penetration testing, incident response, database security, secure email gateways and ransomware protection. We provide a personalized mean-time-to-respond

The Trustwave team of skilled and experienced security professionals can also provide advanced services such as threat hunting, detection, and investigation, backed by our industry-leading threat intelligence.

Our personnel also bring to a client their expertise as consultants and trusted strategic advisors.

Connecting their customers with all of this in a single, easily managed package provides our partners – and their customers - with rapid time to value.

Customers can be onboarded in as few as 10 days and start seeing outcomes within minutes. No security vendor provides value faster. Our dedicated experts are also on hand to help our channel partners onboard their clients and fine tune their IT environments, as well as help them to mature their security standing over time.

Partners and their customers alike will gain access to Trustwave Security Colony, a collection of resources spanning more than 400 topics. This deep industry knowledge can help our partners to establish themselves as invaluable strategic partners for their clients. Having access to such a comprehensive security portfolio means our partners can provide their customers with everything they need, minimizing the risk of losing customers because they have gaps in their offering and can’t meet all their security needs.

Trustwave also has strategic alliances with some of the largest security providers in the world, including Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks and Splunk. This means our partners gain access into an even larger cybersecurity ecosystem.

Our global expansion

Trustwave is always on the lookout for new partners to join our channel program to help bring our MDR offering to more enterprises.

Trustwave is a global operation with the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, South Africa and Middle East among the markets where we’re seeing the highest demand. Regional partners are hugely important as we continue to expand and capture these markets, and we’re seeking to go to market with a handful of high-value partners that are tightly aligned with our approach.

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