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Practicing Cybersecurity During the Holidays – and Beyond

Online criminals never sleep - no matter what time of year it is - but the holidays present a particularly inviting time for them to swing into high gear, as increased retail sales and heightened web traffic mean more incentive to steal.

There are a number of ways members of the cyber naughty list can make themselves known during the month of December, and guest Don Brooks, security evangelist at Trustwave, joins us to discuss a few of them. From his thoughts on increased efforts to minimize credit card fraud to the dangers posed by point-of-sale malware, phishing, ransomware and DDoS attacks, Don gets you up to speed on some of the hottest topics that are affecting IT and security professionals right now (and into 2016).

Watch the video, or just plug in a pair of ear buds and listen to the smooth sounds of another episode of Trustwave Talks. We hope you enjoy.