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Protecting the Modern Healthcare Industry Requires Human Expertise and Innovative Partnerships

Protecting healthcare-related data requires a special level of technological and human support where the two support and interact with each other in harmony. Trustwave delivers this protection through its integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution allowing healthcare organizations to focus on caring for their patients while we protect their environment.

Organizations of all sizes are making strategic cybersecurity decisions to invest in SIEM. Flexibility, customization, and service requirements are generally at the center of a decision to install a SIEM solution. However, the lack of available personnel with the skills for deployment and maintenance means that buyers generally require assistance from a managed service. The challenge that faces organizations is not the investment in technology but the ongoing complexity, staffing, and cost of supporting SIEM deployments.

Trustwave’s certified cybersecurity experts help clients get the most out of their Microsoft Sentinel investment by customizing the client’s Microsoft Sentinel use-cases to its environment for faster time-to-value. As a result, we can help a client expedite Sentinel deployment and provide expert resources to accelerate detection, respond quicker and adapt quickly to security threats.

Trustwave also realizes that having the technology pieces in places, such as a SIEM platform like Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel, only solves part of the problem. Sentinel pulls in data from across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, both on-premises and from multiple clouds. However, interpreting the deluge of data that pours from a SIEM into a Security Operations Center (SoC) can push an internal security team to its limits.

To help stop a client’s team from drowning in data, Trustwave offers Co-Managed SoC Services that integrate with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to extend a team’s capacity and ability to detect threats. 


Check out a quick video on how Trustwave integrates with Microsoft Sentinel. 

 Trustwave accomplishes this by assigning a dedicated, named security expert and team to an organization that will optimize deployment and fine-tune a client’s overall cybersecurity defenses. 

Clients opting for a Co-Managed SoC receive services that include:

  • SIEM Jumpstart: Transitional project consulting and provisioning to plan, build and/or optimize threat detection and response solutions to a steady state 
  • Threat Detection & Response: 24x7 threat monitoring, human-led investigation, and notification by analysts in the nine global Trustwave SoCs
  • SIEM Management: Maintenance, tuning, and use case implementation
  • An Information Security Advisor (ISA): Ongoing management and maintenance of the Co-Managed SoC environment, guidance in maturing system and process capabilities
  • And an optional Threat Detection & Response (TDR) Agility Program that gives full access to the entire

We use our Trustwave Fusion platform, an extended detection and response solution, to monitor and escalate incidents to security analysts, who triage and investigate threats, enrich using threat intelligence feeds, and investigate within an Azure Sentinel instance. This rich telemetry enables our clients to receive more value from their existing security tools. In addition, it empowers Trustwave security analysts who leverage unique SpiderLabs threat intelligence to enrich data during investigations on our client’s behalf.

The Human Element

As noted, having the best technology stack in the world will amount to nothing more than a very expensive bill without the right team managing the system

Trustwave realizes clients want to build a long-term relationship with the team that will support their cybersecurity efforts, so we as an organization ensure staffing continuity with our clients by being an industry leader in staff retention. We support this with a competitive total compensation package, bonuses, and stock options and the fact that Trustwave promotes from within. In 2021, 20% of our placements were internal promotions. 

Once on-boarded and on the job, workers can access training programs that add to or improve their skillset, such as adding cybersecurity certifications and management training. Trustwave’s corporate structure is designed so frontline workers have easy access to leadership, all employees are at most only five levels away from our CEO Eric Harmon, full transparency into the company’s progress and future plans so all Trustees know what is taking place which we believe leads to a higher level of trust and retention.

This structure allows Trustees to receive constant mentoring and training from those working at the highest levels within the company.

The result is an elite team with decades of experience defending against cyberattacks while also knowing how to best collaborate with our clients. This last point is significant as these highly trained individuals will help continuously monitor Microsoft Sentinel along with conducting triage, prioritizing, and investigating threats to eliminate false positives and alert fatigue to help focus security teams.

Removing Regulatory and Compliance Concerns

Navigating the labyrinth of healthcare and privacy regulatory issues currently impacting the healthcare industry is extremely difficult and requires personnel well-versed in what is required. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) do not look kindly upon organizations that do not meet HIPPA standards and an audit could result in a fine for the offending facility. 

Many organizations rely on simple questionnaires, checking off boxes, and hoping that the people assigned to this job fully understand what they are doing. Unfortunately, in many cases, a person with little or no experience with compliance matters is given the task.

Trustwave helps remove this hazard by conducting a HIPAA Compliance Pre-Assessment. A team of Trustwave HIPPA experts delivers a high-level evaluation of an organization's security, privacy, and incident readiness posture compared to the HIPAA Omnibus standards.

At the End of the Day

Healthcare facilities must ensure that their records, systems and devices are as secure as possible from cyberattack so they can focus on patient care. This task is not easy with today’s continuously growing threat landscape but it can be accomplished by bringing on the right management products that is managed by a combination of a well-trained and staffed in-house security team backed by security vendor which brings additional security capabilities.