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Reframing the Culture of Cybersecurity: New Trustwave Core Values

What we do as cybersecurity defenders is important, but how we do it is just as important. And like any company with a diverse and distributed global workforce, the how is built upon our values, which are the foundation of our culture.

Our culture is always transforming, and we needed our core values to reflect that. We’ve reframed how we think as a company, and in turn, revamped the Trustwave values.

We’re excited to announce the new Trustwave Values: Transparency, Respect, Unity, Service, and Transformation (TRUST).


At Trustwave, we openly and honestly share information and ideas. Our team is credible, dependable and open to feedback.


We treat everyone with dignity. We are inclusive. We listen to, work to understand, and value other people’s ideas and opinions.


We operate as #OneWave. We succeed together. We seek out opportunities to collaborate and ask for help when we need it.


We serve our clients, and each other, with excellence. We’re proactive and dig deep to uncover team and client needs.


We embrace innovation and change to stay ahead of the cybercriminals. We continuously improve and learn from our mistakes so we can continue to lead in the industry.

Trustwave trust core values logo

These concepts originated with our senior leadership team, then were honed by employee focus groups conducted across the company. In the end, we chose the word TRUST to sum up our culture because, at our core, we’re not just in the business of delivering industry-leading cybersecurity services and solutions. We also strive to form long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners and team members – all built on trust.

Our new values – and the fresh perspective they bring with them – will help propel us forward as we continue to lead the way in providing world-class managed security services (MSS) and managed detection and response (MDR) services to organizations around the world. We’re excited to have TRUST guide us into the future.