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RSA Conference 2017: Getting in Front of Cyber Threats

RSA Conference 2017 is underway in San Francisco. Now in its 26th year, the annual show remains the industry's most reliable pulse-check on the challenges facing IT and security professionals. While the Black Hat conference is known for its offensive-minded talks on "breaking things" to discover vulnerabilities, RSA remains very much an event designed for discourse on adequately defending one's environment from the menacing hands of adversaries.

This year's show overlapped with Valentine's Day - and there are certainly plenty of broken security hearts pacing the show floor, seeking comfort amid a turbulent attack landscape. From hundreds of track sessions to countless more candid conversations amid the conference halls, RSA presents Trustwave with an invaluable way to connect with the wider community. From the start of the show, our booth has been a bustling destination from which we've featured expert presentations, practical demos and plush giveaways.

Hot topics at this year's show should be unsurprising to anyone engaged in the fight: ransomware, Internet of Things and the importance of accelerating and improving the ability to recognize and thwart compromises amid the huge numbers - and long durations - of breaches impacting organizations worldwide.

All three of those themes play into the work that Trustwave (the newly crowned Best Managed Security Service SC Award winner) performs, especially around threat detection and response - a topic near and dear to Brian Hussey, our global director of incident response and readiness. He joined us on the show floor to discuss some of the eye-opening research and forensic work he and his team have undertaken, as well as the importance of proactively hunting for threats.