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Securing Multi-Cloud Environments in the Digital Era

A successful enterprise requires technology that can keep up with the demands of its client base. This means additional applications, which leads to even larger sets of data at the organization’s disposal. Successfully leveraging that data can lead to identifying useful business patterns and uncovering new revenue streams.

Protecting that information, however, is where the real challenge lies, especially as multi-cloud environments become increasingly common among enterprises as they shift operations to the cloud more than ever. One cloud just won’t cut it anymore, and as businesses continue to access multiple cloud environments, cyber risk increases. 

The lack of standardization across multi-cloud environments is what’s creating problems, says Chris Schueler, senior vice president of Managed Security Services at Trustwave. Additionally, one of the most significant security risks comes at the application level, he adds. In that situation, you’re at the mercy of the cloud provider.

There are also additional security risks presented at the database level. Many organizations aren’t performing basic security hygiene as it relates to their database. 

“It perplexes me,” Schueler said during a BrightTALK panel discussion filmed at the recent Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. “If you think about scanning your database to see if you have open, inherent risks…[that’s just not being conducted].”

Watch the entire panel discussion on Securing the Multi-Cloud in the Age of Threats below to hear more about addressing cyber risk, managing vulnerabilities, and recommendations for improving enterprise cloud security. 

Marcos Colón is the content marketing manager at Trustwave and a former IT security reporter and editor.