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Taking Action for Race and Diversity

The last week has been a wake-up call to the country and the world. Recent tragic events like the George Floyd death in Minneapolis are frustrating, saddening and horrific. Today’s human condition and social climate is not new. The events over the last week should serve as a catalyst for awareness and change.

Racism is and should always be unacceptable. As a member of the technology and global community, we must proactively seek diversity. In light of these recent events, we need to look inward for ways of how we can serve as a beacon of change within the industry. Trustwave has zero tolerance for racism. We are reaffirming our commitment to equal opportunity employment and to making a change by focusing on the following areas in a phased and ongoing approach:

  • Internal diversity and inclusion education
  • Seeking diversity in the workplace and in leadership
  • Black and minority community organization partnerships
  • Programs for students who are people of color.

Our first steps will be the following:

  • Supporting a forum for dialogue with our global organization on effecting change
  • Prescribing annual diversity education internally
  • Seeking diversity within our workforce and review hiring policies and practices
  • Strengthening our local partnerships with organizations that help empower communities.

Trustwave will continue to advocate for diversity and support the black community. We cannot perpetuate racial injustice. We are committed to incorporating diversity, equality, equity, fairness, inclusion and justice as core components of our company’s mission and success.

Arthur Wong is Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave.