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Trustwave: A Great Place to Start Your Cybersecurity Career

Trustwave operates in an incredibly technical environment using some of the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to protect our clients from cyberattacks.

However, we know that without a brilliant, talented, and diverse workforce operating behind the scenes, even the finest technology available will not get the job done, and our clients will be vulnerable.  So, with that in mind, Trustwave is always on the lookout for new talent, or Trustees as we like to call our staffers, who can come on board and contribute to our success.

In the Pacific region, we’re part of a global company with a mature portfolio, but we operate more like a start-up. We have a flat structure without a lot of hierarchy, and our leaders are open, accessible, and want to hear new ideas. Our streamlined structure also means we can make decisions and put those ideas into action quickly.

Trustwave encourages and helps all employees continue to learn and grow once they are on the team.

We invest in teaching and developing our people because we commit to your success when you're a Trustee. We actively encourage employees at all levels to learn, expand their skills, and stay ahead of industry trends through our professional development and certification programs.

Learning Something New Every Day

Maddisson White, a Security Advisor Graduate with Trustwave SpiderLabs in Australia, said, "I thought that the opportunity of finding an industry job flexible enough to allow me to study and gain practical experience would be near impossible. Thankfully, I was introduced to Trustwave through some university contacts, and soon after, I gladly accepted an offer to become part of the 2022 GRC Graduate Program."

White noted that not only has Trustwave's Graduate Program given her the flexibility to continue her studies, but more importantly, it has provided practical industry insights and experience. 

"Whilst this experience has been invaluable, my biggest takeaway from my first six months working at Trustwave has been the importance of having a supportive workplace culture and being surrounded by likeminded individuals who foster your personal development and genuinely wish to see you succeed. This culture in itself not only brings the best out of you, but it also inevitably causes you to bond with those you work closely, meaning authentic friendships can be forged," she said.

A Welcoming and Adaptive Culture

Paige Millingham, a Security Advisor Graduate at Trustwave SpiderLabs, noted that prior to joining Trustwave, she had developed a set of skills that enabled her to become a successful employee. Still, she had concerns regarding starting a new job in an unfamiliar working environment, with a new set of performance-related expectations, all of which managed to give her the dreaded 'imposter syndrome" where one does not feel qualified for the position they hold. Paige felt this way because she believed she lacked the necessary professional experience.

"However, Trustwave's amazing culture, passion to mentor and teach alongside its diverse collaborative workforce provided all the encouragement I required to ease me through those early bumpy bits to a point where, only six months in, the feedback I've been given is that I'm doing pretty well which is a great morale boost to get right at start my cyber security career."

Right from day one, the Trustwave Pacific team was incredibly welcoming and excited to engage with offer direction through the transition from full-time student to the workforce, she said. 

"The team is always more than happy to take the time to share their experiences of both corporate culture and their understanding of the complexities of the cyber threat landscape. I've lost count of all the people who have reached out to reassure me since I first joined the team early in 2022," she said.

Trustwave strives to make newcomers like Paige have a positive experience from the start.

Since we are ever evolving, a newcomer will always have opportunities to explore, develop and accelerate their career. The challenges we solve are diverse, so something different comes every day. Therefore, flexibility is critical: You'll pivot, you'll course-correct, you'll adapt, you may even fail (possibly all in the same day), but you'll develop your skills and grow from the experience. At Trustwave we don't need to be perfect, we simply need to be the best, and to keep getting better all the time.