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Trustwave Celebrates 25 Years of Cybersecurity Leadership

November 2020 marks a special month for Trustwave as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. It’s been a long journey since our founding in 1995 as a small PCI consultancy that eventually led the niche space before transforming into a global cybersecurity giant. Since then, we have become a recognized leader in managed security services and are now well-positioned to lead in threat detection and response as security needs of organizations evolve.  

Celebrating Our Accomplishments

From humble beginnings in a single office to now two thousand employees, multiple security operation centers and locations spread across the globe, Trustwave’s continued growth and success has been built around a single profound focus – fighting cybercrime.   

Trustwave remains relentless in its mission to help organizations secure data and protect interests as cyber threats increase in both frequency and sophistication. Today, we analyze over a trillion security events, billions of email messages and perform thousands of security tests and forensic investigations annually for the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies. Our findings on numerous vulnerabilities, malware strains and attack campaigns has contributed significantly to strengthening the global cybersecurity community far beyond just our customers.

Our commitment to fighting cybercrime over the last several decades has resulted in achievements and high industry honors. We are proud to be recognized as a worldwide Leader in managed security services by analyst firms Gartner, IDC and Forrester. We are recipients of multiple awards for best managed security service, best email security and best database security and incident response. The amazing research and findings from our Trustwave SpiderLabs team, like our discovery of sophisticated malware hidden in required tax software, continue to receive international attention.      

Celebrating Our People

Without a solid support system, teamwork and dedication from everyone involved, Trustwave would not be possible. Simply put, Trustwave success is because of its people.

Without our employees we would not be where we are today. From sales, finance, HR, marketing, IT and support roles to our elite security team, our team plays a special role carrying out our threat detection and response goals. 

Our customers inspire us each day. They put their trust in us to help guard your greatest assets, it is both an honor and a privilege to serve them. We look forward to many more years of delivering exceptional cybersecurity expertise to help them achieve and exceed your goals.  

We’ve also had the opportunity to work with technology vendors, service providers and solutions providers who are the best in the business. They are an extension of our team and play a crucial role helping Trustwave deliver quality and continuously improve as demand for threat detection and response surges worldwide.

Shaping Cybersecurity’s Future

It is difficult to predict how our digital society will evolve over the next 25 years. What is certain however, is that as we become more reliant on data to drive business decisions, adversaries will look for new ways to capitalize. Trustwave is ready to meet these challenges head-on by continuing to spearhead cybersecurity innovation with the best people and technologies. This month we celebrate the past, and we tip our hats to each of you who have played such an important role. We are even more excited about what is yet to come as we build on our accomplishments and shape the future. 

Cas Purdy is Head of Marketing at Trustwave.

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