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Trustwave Gains CREST Vulnerability Assessment Accreditation

Trustwave has been accredited by the internationally-recognized professional certification board CREST for its world-class vulnerability assessment services. Trustwave is now uniquely accredited with multiple CREST accreditations across Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing (STAR), Penetration Testing (PEN TEST) and STAR-FS Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing.

Vulnerability Assessment: A Critical Tool in the Age of Ransomware

At Trustwave, we assist a wide range of organizations with managing their vulnerability program by helping prioritize vulnerabilities in a timely manner so risk is reduced. We encourage organizations to regularly run vulnerability assessments to optimize risk management in their business organization.

There are scenarios where organizations need assistance and options with remediating vulnerabilities. Trustwave helps manage vulnerabilities by providing various palatable risk remediation plans, which fits within an organizations' risk appetite. Combining vulnerability assessment with the Trustwave Fusion Platform allows continuous management of your assets that can then be used to mature your penetration testing further.

Why Vulnerability Assessments are Important

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying and quantifying known security vulnerabilities within an information systems environment. Unlike a penetration test, which looks to actively exploit vulnerabilities to demonstrate impact, vulnerability management is the bedrock of a mature security program. Vulnerability Assessments can help provide an estate-wide view of an organization’s security posture. They provide a view of weaknesses as well as provide risk remediation.

This is important as exploiting vulnerabilities is a major initial attack vector used by threat actors and ransomware-based attacks.

2021Trustwave SpiderLabs Telemetry Report

2021 Trustwave SpiderLabs Telemetry Report

The 2021 Trustwave SpiderLabs Telemetry Report: The State of High Profile Vulnerabilities reviews Internet-facing targets exposed to high-profile vulnerabilities released in 2021. It was compiled using Shodan, publicly available exploit information and non-intrusive analysis of vulnerable targets accessible on the Internet by the Trustwave SpiderLabs team. The report also provides general vulnerability mitigation best practices and tips for CISOs and security practitioners looking to strengthen their cyber resilience.

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