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Trustwave NAC Receives International Seal of Approval

In today's internet-connected environment, many employees never truly unplug, making it more challenging for organizations to control who has access to their most valuable information. That's where Trustwave's network access control (NAC) technology comes in. It helps businesses and government agencies detect and block infected devices from accessing the network.

Recently' the latest version of our Trustwave Network Access Control achieved Common Criteria validation with an EAL 2+ level of assurance. Many organizations use the internationally approved Common Criteria as a deciding factor when choosing a security product. It gives government agencies and enterprises across at least 26 countries confirmation that the technology, through independent evaluation, has met specific security standards.

Trustwave Network Access Control, which integrates into any network, can detect any connected device, whether it is managed, such as laptops or desktops, or unmanaged, such as smartphones or other employee-owned devices. Administrators can establish profiles for devices so that they can recognize the device when it accesses the network.

If a rogue or unknown device tries to connect, Trustwave Network Access Control can detect and prevent it from gaining access until further evaluation. Trustwave's technology also scans devices to identify other potential problems and policy violations - such as outdated operating systems or the lack of anti-virus protection.

Administrators can manage devices connecting to the network by using the Trustwave Network Access Control's "central manager" software. This functionality collects information from sensors distributed across the network that monitor the connecting and disconnecting of devices. Using that information, the administrator can then allow or restrict the device from connecting and remediate any issues if the device is restricted.

Trustwave Network Access Control is offered as either a standalone, self-managed product or as a managed service. As a managed service, the offering helps enable organizations to detect, block and monitor which devices have access to the network without having to dedicate internal resources to ensuring the technology is updated and working properly. This can free up IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives, while protecting an organization's most precious assets.