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Trustwave Upgrades Fusion Platform Mobile App

Trustwave has updated its Fusion Platform mobile app, for Apple iOS or Android, adding a bundle of new features and enhancements designed to make monitoring an organization’s security status at any time or place even easier.

The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that serves as the foundation for Trustwave’s managed security services, products, and other cybersecurity offerings. Unlike many competitor offerings, Fusion has a custom-built companion app enabling clients to manage their security services from a tablet or mobile phone.

The centerpiece of the redesigned app is a new interface that contains an updated navigation scheme and enhanced functionality to help clients stay connected to their security environment.

What’s New

  • A better layout and navigation by prominently displaying what matters with easy access to important features.
  • Improved access to threat investigation details with the ability to take response actions in the app.
  • A re-worked ticket landing page with new quick filters and viewable attachments.
  • Reports from the Fusion web portal have been added to the app, so clients can search, download, and view reports directly from a mobile device.
  • A “file cabinet” has been added to the app, allowing clients to search, download, and view files directly from a mobile device.
  • Mobile notifications now contain additional details on incidents and tickets to match the functionality of the Fusion web portal.

These additions reinforce the Fusion app’s already robust abilities that include endpoint management, the ability to update external dynamic lists, manage threats and security incidents, manage threat hunts, and the ability to contact support.

Security Information in Hand When Needed

Threat actors do not operate within regular business hours, in fact, many specifically choose weekends and holidays to conduct an initial attack knowing that their target’s staff is likely either off duty or away from their workstation. This situation makes it imperative that those who need instant access to their organization’s security status can access it at any time.

The app allows security teams to stay connected with real-time service reporting and incident response actions. Additionally, the Fusion app offers push notifications as an incident/investigation develops, along with client-focused task reports, details, and next steps that need to be taken.

The app also provides threat investigation details with visibility to workflow actions so security personnel can make informed decisions and take incident response actions.

What is the Fusion Platform?

The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-native threat detection and response platform, augmented by security analytics, threat intelligence, and automation. Its primary mission is to ingest high-value telemetry and enrich it with context and threat intelligence to detect threats in real-time. Additionally, the Trustwave Fusion platform serves as a security operations workflow engine for security operations teams during threat investigations and response activities.

Fusion delivers complete visibility and centralized control with a single view of threats, technology management, vulnerabilities, and perceived risks across an organization’s entire environment. The platform helps protect assets in any environment, or mix of environments, including on-premises, public clouds, private clouds, and new security-focused clouds hosted by technology vendors.

Via the web portal or mobile app, users can see what’s happening in real-time, participate in incident investigations, chat with experts, create a ticket, and view custom reports.