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Unmistakable Warning Signs You May Have Been Breached (Listen)

Successful cyberattacks and data breaches have become a fact of life for organizations, large and small, throughout the world. Companies certainly didn't ask for that fate, but the reality of the sophisticated cybercriminal climate has become such that traditional defenses are no longer adequate enough to keep the miscreants out.

Nowadays the most mature businesses are those that advance their security monitoring and incident response capabilities with the goal of identifying and mitigating active attacks as quickly as possible to limit any damage that intruders (or malicious insiders) can cast. 

But, in the landscape of 2017, you can't do it without having the skills and technology to recognize warning signals of a compromise. In many instances of a breach, the indicators are similar to one another and can be boiled down to some common ones. Trustwave Threat Intelligence Manager Karl Sigler joined us on another episode of "Trustwave Talks" to discuss the likely danger signals that your environment has been - gasp - pwned by an enemy.