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Video: Are Employers Behaving Badly?

In conjunction with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, our Trustwave team recently hit the streets of Chicago to learn what employees really know about security.

Continuing today through next week, we will post a video to the Trustwave blog and on our YouTube channel. In our third video, we asked employees if information security is a front-burner issue across their business - from the bottom of the employee chain to the CEO. As you will see, some employers are not adhering to best security practices (cough, Windows XP).

After you watch, we want to hear from you. Share the videos over social media and email, comment on them, and, better yet, tell us the most harrowing - or proudest - tale of employee security actions you've witnessed as an IT pro. Lost laptops at airports? Sensitive emails sent to personal accounts? Passwords written on Post-it notes? Or perhaps a worker who clicked out of that phishing scam? Tweet at us @Trustwave and be sure to use the hashtag #securitysmarts.

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