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Video: Trustwave Talks - Indicators of Compromise

Imagine if hackers broke into one of your systems, pivoted their way to the corporate network and elevated their permissions so they could reach the database, where they started siphoning off your sensitive data, piece by piece. Now imagine this was all happening without you having any idea at all.

For a company, this scenario presents the ultimate feeling of violation and vulnerability. But sadly it's not uncommon. Our 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report found that 71 percent of businesses that are breached do not detect the compromise themselves, usually because they lack the appropriate resources or skill levels to do so.

Which begs the question: What can companies do to get better at identifying breaches? In the premier episode of "Trustwave Talks" - an informal Q&A discussion with our experts on a wide array of relevant security topics - Trustwave Threat Intelligence Manager Karl Sigler discusses the seven big indicators of compromise for which all organizations should be on the lookout. We hope you enjoy!