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Webinar – Briefing on the Cyber Weapons Used in the Ukraine-Russia War – Overview and Lessons Learned

Trustwave SpiderLabs’ senior leadership team will conduct two webinars briefing attendees on the cyber weapons used so far in the Ukraine-Russia War.

The US/UK event will be held on August 23 at 10am CDT/4pm GMT hosted by Trustwave’s Karl Sigler, Threat Intelligence Manager and Trustwave and Pawel Knapczyk , Security Research Manager -Fusion Threat Research.

The Pacific event will be held on August 24 at 10am AEST and hosted by Karl Sigler and Craig Searle, Director, Consulting & Professional Services (Pacific) at Trustwave.

Each webinar, based on information from the recent SpiderLabs report Overview of the Cyber Weapons Used in the Ukraine - Russia War, will analyze the highly targeted techniques and attack vectors used in this first major conflict between nation states, each equipped with advanced cyber capabilities, and the implications for global organizations. 

Other information will detail:

  • The known cyber threat actors involved in the conflict
  • Types of malware in use
  • Timeline of attacks

The webinar hosts will also discuss how this activity may spread beyond Ukraine to any nations or enterprises seen as allied to one side of the conflict. They will detail the technical approaches seen to date and lay out the key defensive actions that global enterprises need to consider now.

lock off some time to join what will be a very informative event.