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Wednesday Watch: A Cyber Insurer’s Perspective on Today’s Security Risk Landscape

As most of us know all too well, the world of cybersecurity moves at breakneck speed, with new trends surfacing at a dizzying rate. As cybersecurity professionals, tasked with safeguarding our organizational assets and reputations, keeping up with those trends can sometimes feel overwhelming.

To help cut through the noise, we interviewed Liz Limjuco, Senior Vice President of U.S. Cyber Brokerage at Marsh, to talk about what risk trends she is seeing in cybersecurity, what organizations are doing to adapt to those trends, how organizations can better understand their risks, and what they can do to help mitigate those risks.

“We’re seeing a lot more attacks and companies are looking at ways to address this,” said Liz. “One of the top trends that insurance carriers are seeing is around ransomware – one carrier is reporting that the amount of ransomware attacks they’ve detected has increased 84%.”

Watch the full video interview below.

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Evan Sharenow is the content marketing manager at Trustwave.