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Wednesday Watch: A Discussion on CMMC Compliance

While Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance is a requirement for organizations who want to do business with the United States Department of Defense (DOD), it can also be thought of an opportunity. By leveling up your compliance quickly and cost-effectively, your business can gain a distinct competitive advantage and move itself to the front of the contractor selection line.

To discuss why compliance is important, why organizations should take CMMC compliance seriously, and how Trustwave can help you find easily implementable and highly effective solutions for CMMC compliance, we talked to Rick Miller, General Manager for the Americas at Trustwave.

“This is nothing like we’ve seen before,” Rick said. “We’ve seen standards and fines, but we’ve never seen failing to comply resulting in you no longer being able to be a supplier. So there will be a really compelling event for suppliers to get CMMC certified.”

Watch the full video interview below.  

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