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Wednesday Watch: Discussing the Shift From MSS to MDR

With organizations rapidly shifting from a managed security services (MSS) model to more of a managed detection and response (MDR) model, it’s important to examine the reasons why that change is occurring and what factors are driving it.

That’s why we decided to interview Chris Schueler, Senior Vice President of Managed Security Services at Trustwave, to talk more about how threat detection services are helping proactively hunt for and eradicate threats, what skill gaps exist within organizations and how security companies are helping to fill it, and how cybercrime is evolving.

“We see this huge shift in the last couple of years, moving away from traditional MSS to more of an MDR model,” Chris said. “The root of that is that customers are looking for outcomes. They expect value—but more importantly they expect outcomes. That’s what MDR services deliver.”

Watch the full video interview below.