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Wednesday Watch: Should Organizations Be Concerned About Nation-State Cyber Attacks?

For organizations of all kinds, cybercrime is an ever-growing concern. The familiar adversaries are cybercriminals – whether they’re part of an organized gang or simply opportunistic individuals. But there’s another, potentially more dangerous, type of threat actor – nation states.

How concerned should organizations be about the danger from nation state actors? To find out, we interviewed Brian Hussey, VP of Cyber Threat Detection & Response at Trustwave. Topics we covered included what he sees in the field when it comes to nation-state capabilities, whether or not they truly are better organized than cyber gangs, and how organizations can help protect themselves.

“There is a constant hidden war between different cyber armies, or cyber groups, that is always going on,” said Brian. “It’s a constant ongoing cycle – a multi-billion-dollar business. The first step is to take a good self-assessment and determine who your likely adversaries are. ”

Watch the full interview below.



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