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Wednesday Watch: The Changing Face of Database Security

As new worldwide regulations force organizations across all industries to rethink their approach to database security, the need for governance and privacy is paramount. Failing to protect data – or comply with regulatory requirements – can expose a company to risks ranging from substantial fines and penalties to the embarrassment and subsequent loss of reputation resulting from a database breach becoming public knowledge (and the inevitable lawsuits that will follow).

To examine the changes in how organizations are approaching database security, we interviewed Thomas Patterson, Senior Product Manager for database security services at Trustwave. Topics of discussion included challenges that businesses are facing in securing data, how they’re changing their approach to meet those challenges, and what tools are available to help.

“Now, we have to know where, what and be able to classify data so that regulations are being followed,” said Thomas. “And it’s really ultimately changing the way we’re doing database security.”

Watch the full video interview below.  

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