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Wednesday Watch: Why Cloud Security is Critical

As organizations come to rely on the cloud for everything from database storage to application delivery to network infrastructure and beyond, cloud security is becoming a mission-critical concern – especially with the ongoing shift to remote work postures.

With cloud security breaches becoming more costly — and with malicious actors constantly formulating new and inventive way to exploit cloud environments, there’s never been a better time to discuss best practices and approaches to cloud security. 

To do just that, we interviewed James Tomlinson, Vice President of Product Management at Trustwave, to talk more about why cloud security is so critical to enterprises, what solutions are available to support third-party technologies, and how the Trustwave Fusion platform can help tie your cloud security posture together.

“Cloud security is becoming increasingly important in enterprise environments due to the fact that it gives them scale and cost control,” James said. “Because of that, security teams are moving with the business to find threats, detect them, investigate them and then take a response action.”

Watch the full video interview below.

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