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What You Can Buy for the Same Cost as Malware

Malware is easier to use and more affordable than ever, making the barrier to entry especially seamless for modern-day cybercriminals - no matter how skilled they are or how deep their pockets run.

Our Trustwave security researchers recently did a little digging and found that depending on the type, malware tools and kits can cost as little as $200 on the black market - price tags that rival common items and services that we buy every day.

And guess what? Despite their affordability, these malicious tools can be quite effective, and your business could be the next victim. That's why it's critical to shore up your anti-malware defenses to help protect your valuable information. Below, check out our infographic, which depicts what the average consumer can buy for the same price as malware - a reminder of just how simple and cost-friendly it is to be an attacker these days.


Download the Infographic (PDF)

Download the Infographic (PDF)